Products and Performances

At Harry à Wengen we design and produce predominantly hydraulic cylinders and components for heavy duty applications. We not only offer however proven solutions for mobile- and construction cranes which, based on changing parameters require constant refinements, we are also an expert partner when it comes to treading new paths for extraordinary tasks.

Special and standard cylinders:

  • stroke lengths of 40-10,000 mm
  • piston diameters of 20-400 mm
  • working pressure up to 700 bar


  • support cylinders
  • extension cylinders
  • ballast cylinders
  • pin-pulling cylinders
  • differential cylinders
  • single-action cylinders
  • synchronised cylinders
  • steering cylinders
  • measuring cylinders
  • plunger cylinders
  • swivel cylinders
  • custom cylinders
  • telescopic cylinders
  • luffing cylinders
  • pulling cylinders

Hydraulic systems:

  • rotary joints and -connections
  • hydraulic pump units
  • steering locks
  • control blocks
  • valves