“Best company for training” award

12.01.2010 14:27

Holzwickede, 12 January 2010. IG Metall Unna chose the Holzwickede-based company Montanhydraulik as the recipient of its new award for the best in-house training in the region. The hydraulic cylinder producer easily met all of the criteria for exemplary in-house training.

The company complies with union standards and legal provisions, offers opportunities for co-determination in the form of a Youth Committee and a Works Council, and provides trainees with qualified trainers as mentors during their course. Montanhydraulik also gives its apprentices comprehensive training for career challenges, ensuring they are rigorously prepared for their final exams.

For Dr Peter Lipphardt, Managing Partner at Montanhydraulik GmbH, there is one particularly important reason for their above-average commitment to fostering young professionals: “Even in times of economic downturn, we continue to train – to ensure we have specialists for future growth.” In the industry at large, the trend is towards far less in-house training – and of much poorer quality. Yet Montanhydraulik continues to invest in its own specialists – to the tune of 21 new trainees a year, on average. This August, in fact, no less than 23 trainees will start their working lives at Montanhydraulik.

Would-be trainees can choose from seven career tracks at three Montanhydraulik sites (Holzwickede, Gelsenkirchen and Hamm): industrial machinist, cutting machinist, plant machine operator, technical drafter and industrial management assistant, as well as Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts. And there is an excellent chance of being taken on after the apprenticeship: Montanhydraulik offers around 90 to 100 percent of its former trainees a position in the company.

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